VA Comp Reform
Reform of the Classified Compensation Plan
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  Occupational Families
  Career Groups/Roles
  Pay Practices Chart
  Former Classification Specifications (Prior to Comp Reform)

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Job Structure
Salary Structure
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Job Structure

The Former Structure:

The former classification plan consisted of approximately 1,650 individual job classifications.

The New Structure:

Occupational Families are divided into Career Groups. Career Groups are comprised of Roles.

Occupational Families

  • An Occupational Family is a broad grouping of jobs that share similar vocational characteristics.
  • A Career Group is a sub-group of an Occupational Family. A Career Group identifies a specific occupational field common to the labor market.
  • A Role describes a broad group of occupationally related positions that represent different levels of work or career progression.
  • The former 1,650 job classifications have been reduced to approximately 300 broader Roles.
  • A work title is a specific title used by an agency to describe a specific position.